Sunday, March 1, 2009


Yesterday we moved an important step closer to becoming real New Yorkers. Now all we have to do is sign up with a shrink and stop expecting bars to kick us out at 11.20. To be honest, we really should have gone for a squash-faced Boston terrier, but as it is we've still got one animal and one person per room in our apartment. I feel like we're really getting into the tenement spirit.

Mickey Paws and Minnie moved in yesterday afternoon. Mickey has the broad-shouldered walk of a gangster, and the feet of a sideshow freak. Mother Nature obviously wore herself out making him extra toes, and didn't bother so much with the brains. He spent most of yesterday under our bed, only coming out to try to bury his bowl of cat food under our hardwood floor. Minnie seems smarter. In fact she's proofing this entry over my shoulder, mewing whenever I overuse commas, which is often.

Cat lovers are a strange people. Now that I've joined the tribe I have a very real urge to put up pictures of the cats, or at the very least convert my sentences in meme-friendly argot. I can has kitteh blog? Fail.

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